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EN 222


What Is English 222, “Writing by Tutoring”?

The catalogue description of this course is:

EN 222 Writing for Tutoring 3-0-3
This course teaches techniques for tutoring students who need assistance in their college level writing and reading and study skills.


While successful completion of this course used to guarantee employment in the Audrey Bard Skills Lab, the course has been expanded in its nature and goals. While students must now apply for employment, successful completion of this class has a number of advantages:

  • You will learn how to recognize errors in the papers of someone you are tutoring or of someone you wish to assist—such as a friend or family member.

  • You will become more proficient in finding errors in your own papers.

  • You can improve global evaluation of your own and others’ work:

    • Construct a good thesis

    • Observe organization

    • Consider development

    • Create mature sentence structure

    • Calculate T-units

  • It is a good course to have on your transcript, and may help you obtain employment both at ECC and beyond.

  • It is likely to help you become much more competent in your own work.

  • You must take this course if you wish to be hired as a peer tutor in the Audrey Bard Skills Lab.

 A Reading and Study Skills Component Is Included

 Learn better methods for skills:

  • Time management

  • SQ3R

    • Text previewing

    • Pre-reading and reading efficiency

  • Note taking

  • Vocabulary building

  • Test taking skills

 Who Should Take this Course?

Although the course is likely to benefit students in their own work, its underlying purpose is to assist students learn to tutor. Those who sign up for the class should have taken EN 110 and have received a grade no lower than a B. Those who are interested primarily in improving their own study skills should take GS 111.