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EN 110


    College Composition is a course which is taught in some form in just about every college during the freshman year.  Because the course involves skill building, it tends not to be any more exciting than practicing a piano.  It is, however, crucial to college success.  Some writing is required in nearly every field one can go into.  Business leaders have asked colleges to teach more courses like this.  Consequently, even if you find the course tedious, it is important to do your best—it only lasts for one semester.  Those of you who enjoy writing will find the course interesting.

    The college catalogue describes this course as follows:

EN 110 College Composition 3-0-3
A course designed to develop writing skills through the study of language. Reading selections for vocabulary, style, and patterns of rhetoric support this aim. A documented research paper is required. F/S (C, N, S)

   The college catalogue describes Improving College Writing as follows :

EN 021 Improving College Writing 3-0-3
A course designed to improve students' writing skills. F/S (C, N, S)

    As stated in the description, the research paper is a very important part of the course.  A college graduate, whether from a two- or four-year institution must be able to do research and to synthesize that research into a written work.  I have seen numerous papers written by high school students in this area that display all the qualities that acceptable papers should have.  If you, however, did not take classes prior to this which teach the research paper, you might want to consider taking a regular English class and not a telecourse.  This is not to say that the motivated student cannot do very well regardless.  There is more information available about research papers than ever before.  The Audrey Bard Skills center is an excellent resource as it the ECC Library.

    An additional excellent resource for learning research method is: http://dianahacker.com/writersref/   A sample paper is available at: http://dianahacker.com/writersref/pdf/REF5-Larson.pdf 

In the Fall semester of 2002, a student came up to me after the introductory class practically in tears and said that she was afraid that she was not one of those capable of doing work sufficient to do well in a telecourse.  She stayed in that class and has earned an A grade in three telecourse since then, doing exceptional papers and getting the highest scores on most of the tests.  If you are motivated and conscientious, this course will serve you well—it saves a lot of commuter time and baby sitting fees.